About Us

Our values

Model Hobbies specialise in model kits and gunpla merchandise from Bandai, Tamiya, Aoshima and more. We as consumers, who have previously been customers in the industry, have experienced and understand the difficulties of obtaining rare collectibles within Australia. Model Hobbies strive to make your shopping experience simple and enjoyable, whilst providing a variety of imported Japanese collectable and hobby products.

Our goal, as enthusiasts, is sharing the passion and enjoyment we have within the hobby modelling community with you.

We strike to providing fast and reliable customer service as you would experience in store, AS IF YOU WERE THERE (IN STORE). Model Hobbies' customers will be guaranteed genuine products.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to obtain and provide rare kits for all hobbyists, enthusiasts or anyone who has a love and interest for models. We want to provide a catalogue of all model gundams and cars for our fellow customers and enthusiasts. Ultimately, we want to share our passion, knowledge, skills and interests with everyone we meet in our own workshop.